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Several Flavors of Music

All of the solo tracks I've released to date. New stuff comes along about one a month, though there are occasional lulls and sudden flurries.

Downloads are free. Tips are appreciated! If digital currencies are your thing, mosey over here to buy tracks with Bitcoin.

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A Normal Day

What if everything got really normal? Lyrics are over there somewhere.

The Beezness

A slightly odd song with slightly silly lyrics.

The Bitcoin Rally Song

This is the first solo track I released, in late March 2013, just as Bitcoin prices were beginning their climb to then-unprecedented highs upwards of $260.

The Bitcoin Slump Song

Since I did a Rally Song, it was only fair to do a Slump Song.

Hope In A Vacuum

This track has a nice spookiness to it. Also lots of drums.

Kozmik Yak Waltz

An instrumental, sort of a waltz and sort of something else, though I'm not sure what. Featuring an ultra-sexy guitar solo by Matthew Probst.

Mt. Gox Erupting

My reaction to the Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange fiasco. Go here for lyrics.

On The Run

A very techno instrumental. I like this one a lot.

The Pretty Blood

An instrumental performed mostly on bass and guitar. This was the result of part two of a marathon session of audio interface testing.


Part one of the aforementioned audio interface testing session. Apart from the drums, performed entirely on bass. I think this track could use another round of cleaning up, but some people like it as is, so I'm leaving it out there until I get back around to it.

Without Direction

Composed as background music for the retro online RPG Everschmame, pet project of software engineer Jamie Russell. When background music is fully implemented, each game zone will have its own theme music.

(You can hear Jamie's flute skills very briefly in the Bitcoin Rally Song.)

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