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A Normal Day

What if everything got really normal?

Remember when they finally figured out
The answer to the very last question
And everybody wanted to know what do we do now?
And they answered that one too

They creased all the edges and dotted the i's
And double-checked and counter-analyzed
And arrived at a conclusion standardized
And then they made it true

And ever since then things have been pretty normal
It's not too bad I mean you can't complain
And if it seems like things don't ever change
At least it was that way yesterday
So you can take comfort in the stability
Of a crystallized reality
Since that day when nothing changed
Everything stayed the same

Everybody went to work
Everybody went to school
Everybody sat down in the right chair
Everybody knows the rule

Everybody sat down to dinner
Everybody said grace
Everybody went to bed on time
Everybody in place

It's been a pretty normal day
It's been a pretty normal day
Just a normal day
Just another normal day
It wasn't always this way
Yeah just a normal day